Meet The Team


Alex studied in the United States completing her undergraduate degree in human rights at Webster University and then worked for a union rallying support for part time university professors on low wages, achieving better working contracts for thousands across universities in the Midwest. However, it was in the heart of Denver, Colorado that Alex first came into contact with CBD.

“I was fascinated with this product and its potential”. The market was still in its infancy when Alex moved to London and whilst exploring different working opportunities she met Reg with whom, despite being polar opposites in their areas of expertise and taste in movies, shared a common interest in CBD, which ultimately brought them closer together. Alex gained several years of experience working as the head buyer for a national fragrance retailer managing global brands such as L’Oréal, YSL, Chanel, and Dior to name a few. Whilst doing so, she decided to complete her MSc in International Security and volunteer with F Space (a female empowerment platform) and Brightside (an online mentoring platform for high school students).

Having monitored the industry closely, constantly trying products and speaking to a whole range of industry experts for over two years, Alex decided it was time to act. “I have always felt that the true benefits of CBD can only be obtained from using highest concentrations of the purest form which is what we are aspiring to achieve”, the ethos on which Kanebes is built upon.

Alex puts 110% commitment into everything she does. Her experience has been vital for Kanebes’ growth thus far as she has been involved in the journey from the crops to the finished packaged article we experience today.




Having completed his undergraduate at Bristol University, Reg soon realised that his skill set was best suited for sales. Over the last 17 years he has worked for a range of International companies successfully generating revenue in both new and existing markets and benefiting from the best sales training available. Reg is currently working in the upper quartile of the estate agency industry, growing market share for a global agency which already has over 300 offices worldwide.

Reg is confident, likeable, authentic and has always been sporty, with a particular passion for football. Having captained his local side for over 3 years Reg was recovering from a football injury and after trying all conventional routes of recovery he came across CBD. He used numerous CBD products on the market but struggled to find any that were a combination of being 100% natural, whilst also having a higher concentration for maximum benefit. 

It was this experience that laid the foundations for getting together with Alex and Ash and founding Kanebes, with the aim to help others just like him by providing high quality CBD products.



Coming from a creative background, specialising in digital and product design, Ash's career took a turn when he decided to embark on a challenging journey within the corporate world. Starting from the bottom, Ash spent many years developing his craft before establishing himself as a successful leader delivering multi-million pound digital programs. 

Having lead a number of teams, mentored/coached many colleagues and delivered countless successful products, Ash felt the time had come to take on a new challenge by starting his own brand and developing great quality products that gave back to the community. 

Being a spiritual human and a strong advocate for positive wellbeing, Ash already had a passion for alternative remedies, and so decided to dwell into understanding more about the CBD industry and the science behind the hemp plant. This motivated Ash to push the boundaries to deliver the best quality product offering to the community. 

Often seen as a visionary, Ash has big plans for Kanebes and is excited about the future of the brand and its customers.