About Us

Our story:

A UK based start-up grown as organically as the friendship of its three directors. Kanebes is the product of hemp enthusiasts whose core values are driven by helping people, having each witnessed the benefits of CBD first-hand. The journey started on a trip away in Europe when we decided to visit a local hemp farm, that sprinkled water on the seeds of our curiosity, and we have not looked back since!

We since have travelled across Europe forging strong partnerships with high quality European suppliers whilst spending over a year researching and developing our own products. Having tried many CBD products on the market, seeing minimal effects, we realised that if we really wanted to help people, we needed to focus on providing them with the purest high strength premium CBD - the inspiration for Kanebes CBD.


So how have we perfected our product for you to enjoy it?


100% Natural - No artificial colours, preservatives or aromas – Kanebes CBD oil arrives in its most natural form.


100% Organic Hemp - Our CDB is sourced from 100% organic hemp from carefully selected European micro-farms that ensure natural raw hemp is free from pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and heavy metals.


Full Spectrum - We at Kanebes fully believe in the key role that each cannabinoid plays and that is why all our products come with a full spectrum classification. In order to create what is called the ‘entourage’ effect, the presence of THC is required. So, all our products have the legal requirement of less than 0.2% of THC.


Supercritical CO2 Extraction Process – Using only high tech CO2 extraction equipment the cleanest cannabinoids, including CBD, are obtained. Hemp can often be contaminated with heavy metals and other dangerous substances, hence using this process guarantees the complete removal of these hazardous compounds and ensures the purity of the raw hemp is preserved.


Quality Control – Our products derive from crops that are cultivated and certified abiding by strict quality standards of the Good Agricultural and Collection Process (GACP) and Good Manufacture Practice (GMP). This guarantees that our CBD is produced in a sterile and safe environment, the quality is always the same regardless of the production batch, ultimately ensuring Kanebes products are always safe for consumption.


Testing - Transparency is paramount to the Kanebes family. Our CBD products are tested by a third party GMP and ISO certified laboratory to ensure we are providing you with clarity and consistency at all times. All certificates of analysis are provided at the request of our customers as building trust and loyalty at all times is crucial to us.


Kanebes CBD – Our biggest strength.